A tribute to violists everywhere.

rainbowterra asked: Hello, fellow violist here :) I just saw the question someone posted about Vermont youth orchestras and being new to Tumblr I couldn't figure out how to respond to the person who asked. Anyway, if you could tell them the principal violist of the Vermont Youth Orchestra told them we're currently celebrating out 50th season with the Beethoven 9th and that they should audition for next season because we're going on tour I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you :)

Yay! Here you go, friend! Thanks for helping out :) And for future reference, respond by clicking the little speech bubble at the bottom of the post (that’s how you do it from your dash, at least) 

Anonymous asked: Should there be an & after Telemann on your viola shirt design? (I totally love it btw...I'm currently playing JC Bach.)